10 of the most incredible cable car rides in the world

17 September 2019

Gain a different perspective on your travels and take a ride on some of the world’s most exciting cable cars. From soaring over jungles to climbing the peaks of mountains, here are 10 breathtaking cable cars journeys to add to your travel wish list...

Peak2Peak Gondola (Whistler, Canada)

Peak2Peak Gondola Whistler, Canada

This breathtaking cable car journey is the only one in the world that connects two mountain peaks. Stretching 4.4km, it boasts the longest free span between ropeway towers. There's an incredible 360-degree view over ancient, volcanic peaks, and for the adventurous, there's access to over 50kms of high alpine hiking and mountain bike trails.

Sugarloaf Mountain (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Sugar Loaf Mountain Cable Car, Brazil

Since 1912, a cable car has run to the 396-metre peak of Sugarloaf Mountain, offering visitors incredible views along Rio’s beaches to Corcavado and the famous Christ the Redeemer statue. The 1,400-metre route takes you from the beautiful Praia Vermelha Beach up to Morro da Urca and the summit of this iconic mountain for spectacular 360 degree views of the city, bay and blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Ba Na Hills Cable Car (Vietnam)

Ba Na Hills Cable Car, Vietnam

Take a ride above the lush jungle canopies on the world’s longest, single-cable, cable car travelling over three miles from Vong Nguyet Hill (near Da Nang) and Ba Na Mountain. The ride involves a vertical rise of almost 1,300 metres, so you can soak up stunning countryside and misty mountain views. At the top, you’ll discover waterfalls, viewing points and even a colossal 24-metre-high white, seated Buddha, visible from miles around.

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway (Cape Town, South Africa)

Table Mountain Cable Car, South Africa

Hop aboard the cable car and take the five-minute journey to the top of Cape Town's iconic Table Mountain. Standing at 1,089 metres above Cape Town, from the top there's an outstanding 360 degree view over the city, bay and nearby peaks of surrounding mountains. Explore the summit, grab a bite to eat in the cafe and shop for gifts and curios at the Shop at the Top.

Huashan Cableway (Shaanxi, China)

Mount Huashan, China

One of the most dangerous mountains in China, the five sacred peaks of Mount Huashan are legendary. To reach the north peak, daring adventurers must trek 5,300-feet at almost vertical inclines, while the west peak towers 6,700-feet into the sky. Luckily, for those of us who don’t wish to endure the climb, cable cars now shuttle visitors to both peaks for those dramatic, sweeping views!

Klein Matterhorn (Switzerland)

Zermatt Matterhorn Cable Car, Switzerland

Europe’s highest cable car opened in 1979 and links Zermatt with the Klein Matterhorn Mountain at 3,883 metres. This beautifully scenic ride is done in stages and it's worth taking the time to acclimatise to the altitude on the way up. Glide over pine forests, flower meadows and rocky Alpine landscapes to reach the eternal snow of the beautiful Alps.

New Zealand Skyline (Queenstown, New Zealand)

Cable Car in Queenstown, New Zealand

Jump on-board the steepest cable car in the southern hemisphere and be transported a gentle 900 metres up to the top of Bob’s Peak for unsurpassed views of Lake Wakatipu and a 180-degree panorama. Thrill seekers can try the gravity-assisted Luge Ride or head out on miles of hiking and mountain bike tracks.

Mount Stanserhorn ‘CabriO’ Cable Car (Switzerland)

Mount Stanserhorn Cable Car, Switzerland

Take a unique ride to the top of the 1,900-metre-high Mount Stanserhorn with the wind in your hair, blue sky above you and an incredible 360-degree panorama. The CabriO is the world’s first cable car with a roofless upper deck!  The comfortable double-decker cable car features wall-to-wall windows on the lower deck and an elegant staircase leads to the sun deck for astounding views and fresh mountain air.

Picos de Europa National Park Cableway (Spain)

Picos de Europa Cable Car

The Picos de Europa range of mountains in northern Spain form part of an area of outstanding natural beauty and are well worth seeking out. An excellent way to explore this wonderful wilderness is to take the steep cableway, which carries you high above a sunny, wooded valley in to the Picos and up to 1,870 metres. At the top, enjoy the stunning vistas from the viewpoint of Aliva or head off on one of the many hiking trails in this spectacular terrain.

Awana Skyway (Malaysia)

Awana Skyway, Malaysia

Experience South East Asia’s longest and fastest cable car as you travel 2.8km and climb 620 metres into the beautiful Genting Highlands. Enjoy the lush valleys and rainforest by looking down - the cable car has a glass floor! Whisking you over the breathtaking 130-million-year-old rainforest below, the journey ends at the Gentings Highlands Resort at 2,027 metres above sea level with theme parks, shops, hotels and a casino.

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