New York

Antoinette O'Connor on 01 November 2015

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New York - the city for everyone!

Whether you want to visit museums, shops, go sightseeing, go to a game or just enjoy Broadway shows and fine dining, New York is where you can get it all.

I visited New York City recently and it was about my twelfth visit to the city but this time I travelled with my family. It’s a city that never fails to excite and entertain as it offers so much. The city that never sleeps. The excitement started at Christmas as this was my gift to my children. The excitement lasted for the months prior to travel. We stayed in a wonderful hotel on Lexington which was very central to all our needs. I love to discover New York by walking as you feel you are local and the New York people are always so helpful. Each morning we did all our sightseeing and the afternoon was used to go shopping. Our hotel had a rooftop bar which was only a couple of blocks away from the Empire State Building. Every night the Empire was lit up in different colours and we had a spectacular view of New York’s skyline. There is nothing like seeing New York at night. It is a spectacular sight. I do recommend that your trip is organised before you travel. The Broadway shows tend to book out a long time in advance. The Hop on Hop off bus is a great way to see New York. The tickets on sale on the street are more expensive than what I can organise for my clients.

The Empire State Building was a very popular attraction with my young family. It is a 102-story high skyscraper in midtown Manhattan. Climbing by elevator to the 86th and 102nd floors was unbelievable. The observatories provided unforgettable views of 360 degrees of the city and beyond. This is definitely a must see and sets the tone for the rest of the cities sights.

Shopping has its benefits because as you shop other spectacular sights appear such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Grand Central Station, the Chrysler Building and so many others. Also St. Patricks Cathedral is a beautiful sight to see right opposite the Rockefeller Centre. The kids had a list of the shops they wanted to go to so I am lucky that I know how and where to shop in New York.

If you are going to see the Statue of Liberty I would recommend seeing it by night. There are regular boat trips that leave from the main pier which provide food and drinks as you travel past the New York coast line. The Statue of Liberty comes into view from a long way away but when you actually get up close to it do you realise how magnificent it really is. The boat stays next to the Statue for quite a while for you to enjoy its splendour and take your photos.

Central Park is in upper Manhattan and is the most visited park in the USA and you can see why. Entertainment as you walk is at every corner. Lakes with motorised toy boats to rent, cafes and lakes with singers and music to see and hear. A wonderful walk for all to enjoy.

The real centre of Manhattan is Times Square and it really lives up to all you see and read about. Lights and Glitz. Street performers, shops and shows. It’s the junction of Seventh Ave and Broadway. All shows have very well-known actors in them and so professionally performed.

Give me a call and I can plan your dream holiday to New York. Whatever your dream is we can organise it in the city that never sleeps.

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